C6. My Client Loses its Connection to the Server. How Can I Find the Error?

You need a perfect connection to your server to work with the database. Some errors may interfere with the connection between the 4D client and the 4D server:

  • Sleep mode on the workstation
  • Unreliable network connection
  • Defective network cable
  • Defective router/switch
  • Defective network card

Because the 4D client is constantly communicating with the 4D server, it is more sensitive to network issues than your web browser or your email client. It is possible that existing problems will only appear once you've started using the database. Make sure that:

  • Your computer it wired to the network and not using a wireless connection. It may not be sufficient to plug in the network cable, you need to make sure that your computer is primarily using the network cable and not the WLAN connection.
  • Your sleep modus is deactivated. You can choose to turn off the screen in your energy saving options, but the computer should not go to sleep automatically, or it may lose the connection to the server.

The most frequent network issues for our clients were network cables and defective switches.

The following video shows you how to spot those network issues using the PING command: