C3. How Can I Set Up a Cloud Drive to Remotely Access my Documents?

It can be useful to keep some documents available at all times. Just take your iPad to court and access all archived documents in a case with it. timeSensor LEGAL lets you add archived documents from selected cases to a cloud directory.

First, choose a cloud service that you like and trust. Then, install the cloud service's software on your server. If you're using a single workstation edition, install the software on your workstation.

In the parameters, go to the tab "Cloud Drive" to identify the cloud drive. Choose "Select..." and navigate to your cloud directory. In a multi-workstation environment, you will see the directories on your server. It is advisable to add a dedicated folder for timeSensor LEGAL in your cloud directory.


Next, open a case folder and click on the Cloud Drive icon.




We recommend that you limit the publication period. timeSensor will then automatically remove documents at the end of the period. If you're mobile and someone at the firm adds a document to the case, this document will show up on your mobile device. At the end of the period, the documents will be deleted from the cloud server.

iPad preferences

Open the cloud app.
The cloud directory will show up, in which you will find timeSensor LEGAL's folder. Open the folder and you will see the names of the clients for which you have activated cloud sharing.
 For example, Janina Maier's folder. These documents have been uploaded to the cloud and can now be downloaded, for a certain period of time, on your mobile device.