C2. How Can I Restart the Mac Mini Server?

You may be able to fix some problem by restarting your Mac Mini Server. Please note that restarting your server will force all users to quit the 4D server and stop them from using timeSensor LEGAL until the 4D server has restarted.

Restart the Mac Mini

To restart the Mac Mini Server, you need to have access to a screen. You can set up access for the administrator with Apple Remote Desktop, VNC, TeamViewer or any other similar program. Normal users should not be able to access the Mac Mini Server.

Make sure that all users are logged out of the 4D server before you restart. You will see a warning, which lets you choose how to log out users. In general, you should select "Wait until all users have logged out". The 4D server will shut down as soon as the last user is logged out.

Now, restart your Mac Mini Server


Restart the 4D Server

In general, the 4D Server application will start automatically when the Mac Mini is rebooting. If that's not the case, go to the program folder, find the timeSensor Folder and double-click on the „timeSensor Server“ application icon.




The "Autostart.4DLink" file is a shortcut to open the database. It is created every time the database starts and can be deleted.

If your 4D server is the only 4D application on the computer, you can add the file as a "Login Item" in your system preferences, under "Users & Groups". The database will then automatically restart every time the Mac Mini restarts. This will only work if the 4D server is the only 4D application on the Mac Mini.

The Mac Mini is not a workstation. Please do not work on the server. This could impair the functionality of the database or lead to damages in the database.