Build 2048 - Maintenance

64-bit Windows Server (multi-user systems)

timeSensor LEGAL 7.0 now uses the 64-bit 4D Server v16.3 under Windows. The main advantage of the 64-bit database is improved performance, due to the ability to address more RAM memory. By using appropriately scaled hardware, several hundred users can be served simultaneously. Although macOS continues to lead the way in terms of stability and economy for law firms with up to 20 workstations, we recommend that firms with more workstations run the 4D Server under Windows. Further information can be found in the white paper "Recommended server configurations" in the Download section.

Certification for macOS 10.13 High Sierra

The 16.3 database is now certified for macOS High Sierra, so timeSensor LEGAL 7.0 can be used without restrictions with High Sierra. The current certification matrix can be found here.

SHA512 support for Starface telephone systems

Starface changed the encryption of passwords from version onwards. timeSensor LEGAL now supports hashing with SHA512 and the telephony interface is now compatible with the latest version of Starface. N.B.: If you are still using an older version of Starface, you should also update your Starface system when updating to this version of timeSensor LEGAL. The new version of timeSensor LEGAL version no longer supports Starface versions older than

Check your data backup!

When updating the database to v16, you need to check whether your backup is being performed correctly (We recommend that you do this at least once a month in any case, but please check again as part of the update). Ensure that the database backup is performed as described in FAQ article B28.

Various bug fixes and minor improvements

The new version includes several minor bug fixes and improvements.