Build 1685 - Maintenance

Search for Content (Full Text Search) for Single User Version

Until now, our "search for content" in the documents archive feature was only available for multi-user versions. Our single user (macOS) can now also enjoy the same feature. It is based on Spotlight and works only on macOS.


Delete Invoices and Drafts

As long as an invoice has not yet been printed, it can easily be deleted. The invoice number will be used for the next invoice. With this version, all created drafts of the invoice will be deleted automatically along with the invoice itself. Until now, such drafts had to be deleted manually - a process which was readily omitted.

New INV_INSERT Command for Credits

If you add a credit to an invoice, timeSensor LEGAL will remember the number and the date of the invoice which was credited. You can add this information to your credit model with a new command. You may choose among the following three commands:

INV_INSERT ("cn_source_invoice";"number") -> displays the credited invoice's number, e.g. 2320-00

INV_INSERT("cn_source_invoice";"date") -> displays the credited invoice's date, e.g. 20.03.2016

INV_INSERT("cn_source_invoice";"longdate") -> same as above, but the month is written out, e.g. 20 March 2016

New Feature "Duplicate Case"

You may sometimes need to duplicate a case with all its settings. We have added a feature in the context menu in the case list of the dossier. Right click the case that you wish to duplicate, chose "Duplicate case" and give the new case a name. The new case is added immediately with all the settings of the original case.


Redesign "Account for Receivables" (Germany) 

The "Account for receivables" used in Germany has been completely reworked. We added some new features and fixed several bugs. In addition, the print template used to list the receivables was redesigned.

You can download the new template here: forderungsaufstellung-1-0-tst

Simply drag the file "Forderungsaufstellung 1.0.tst" and drop it in your template folder.

New Setting "Automatic Deduction of Advance and Partial Invoices" 

Users' opinions differ as to whether or not advance and partial invoices should be deducted automatically from the final invoice. In older versions of timeSensor LEGAL, advance and partial invoices were automatically deducted. By popular demand, we have changed that in the new version. However, some users may still want to use the setting.

From now on, each firm can adjust this setting individually. Go to "Settings", "Parameters", "Finances", then click on the tab "Receivables". You may choose between:

  • Never (advance and partial invoices are never automatically deducted)
  • After payment (advance and partial invoices are automatically deducted if they have been paid)
  • Always (advance and partial invoices are always automatically deducted)


Hint: This new setting is not available if the accounting method is set to "accural". In this case, advance and partial invoices are always automatically deducted.

Small Improvements and Bug Fixes

As usual, we have improved some details and corrected some errors with this new release.