Build 1579 - Recommended

20.04.2016 Linked Contacts Are Now Automatically Updated

Whenever you modify any of the fields "Complement", "Street 1", Street 2", "Zip", "City" and "State" in the "Master Sheet" of a dossier, timeSensor LEGAL will verify if linked contacts in the database contain the same information. Should this be the case, timeSensor LEGAL will display the following dialog box:

  • The button "Show" will display all the contacts found for your verification
  • The button "Yes" will automatically update all linked contactsBildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 15.38.15

20.04.2016 Find "Sleeping Clients"

This new feature will let you search for clients for whom you have not entered any service in a given period.

  • Open the clients' address list
  • In the menu "Tool", go to "Check for" and select "Find sleeping clients"
  • In the upcoming dialog box, select the number of months to determine when a client should be considered "sleeping"


20.04.2016 The feature "Recalculate Prices" Has Been Improved 

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 15.57.57The feature "Recalculate Prices" in the dossier now lets you add taxes. Simply check the box "VAT" and enter the new hourly rate. Please note that this recalculation may cause minor rounding mistakes. You may easily correct this in the invoice record with the feature "Surcharges/Deductions".




20.04.2016 Transfer Services to Invoicing Cases

You can transfer services from subcases to primary cases ("invoicing cases" or "fee cases"). Upon transfer, the previous case will be shown in the field "Details" of the transferred service. It is therefore possible to show the "Details" column and find out in which case the service was entered, even it has already been transferred to the invoicing case.

20.04.2016 Automatic Choice of Cost Bearers (Payer) 

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 16.05.29

If you have indicated a cost bearer (payer) for a client, timeSensor LEGAL will automatically suggest the payer as "recipient" when you create an invoice. It is, of course, always possible to select another recipient from the list of linked contacts.





20.04.2016 Integrate URLs in the Template Library

It may be useful to supplement your own template library with URLs to online template library. This may be useful if templates are often updated and you need to make sure that you are always using the most recent version. When you click on this kind of template in the template window, you will be directed to the URL in your web browser. This is how you integrate URLs in your template library:

  • Open the page you wish to access in your web browser
  • Drag the URL to your desktop (or save it as a URL file). The URL file has the extension ".webloc" (Mac) or ".url" (Windows)
  • Drag the URL in your template window.
    Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 16.33.40

20.04.2016 New Commands for Advanced Reporting 

  • A new set of INV_INSERT expressions with the extension "history" will show the services linked to a case, even if services have been transferred to an invoicing case. The new expressions are: "lines_all_history", "services_all_history","hours_all_history".
  • A new set of INV_INSERT expressions with the extension "billed" will only select invoiced services. These expressions may be combined with the new "history" extension. The new expressions are: "lines_billed", "lines_billed_history", "hours_billed", "hours_billed_history", "services_billed", "services_billed_history".

05.02.2016 Miscellaneous Improvements and Bugs Fixes

  • The export filter for the accounting software "Crésus" has been updated
  • When arranging partial and lump sum invoices, the sequence is now correctly displayed
  • Several bug fixes in the RVG module (Germany)
  • The last modified date will remain unchanged if you open a draft (external file, e.g. Word) and subsequently discard changes
  • We have developed a tool to migrate data from the legal software "Advolux"
  • Licence numbers are no longer entered on the server. All licence numbers, including the main licence number, will have to be entered on the workstation. We are introducing this change for compatibility with new 64bit 4D server.
  • The feature, introduced with build 1554 and which lets you automatically save Word templates with Macros, will no longer use a timer upon login. Even in slower networks, you can now create templates without issues.
  • It is now possible to set documents to "URL" in the template window
  • Upon archiving a case, timeSensor LEGAL will now suggest to delete any remaining (future) deadlines, appointments or reminders.
  • The feature "Claim Account" has been completely reworked (Germany)