B25. How Can I Update timeSensor LEGAL?

In General

As long as you have administrator rights, you can update timeSensor LEGAL at any time. Open the application menu "File" ("File" for Windows), then click "Check for updates".

The dialog box will display all available updates and the type of update:

  • Maintenance updates do not necessarily need to be installed.
  • Recommended updates should be installed rapidly.
  • Critical updates should be installed as soon as possible.

All users have to be logged out before you install an update. It is best to install updates during downtime, e.g. early morning, at noon or in the evening.

Beta versions will usually not be displayed. If you are interested in a beta version, hold down the Alt key and click on the "Check for Updates" button in the dialog box. If there is a beta version available, it will show up and can be installed.

Hint: we are happy to share our beta versions and make them available for download, so that you can use the newest features and benefit from bug fixes. Beta versions are tested prior to upload. Be aware that beta versions have a slightly higher potential for software errors than normal versions.



Update Procedure

The update procedure will go through the following steps (multi-user system):

  1. Backup: Start with a backup. We recommend that you always do a backup before an update. If you so wish, you may skip this step and install the update anyway.
  2. Download: The system will download the update from the server, if this was not already done automatically.
  3. Update: If the download was successful, the system will now install the update:
    1. the connected client is disconnected
    2. the 4D server is shut down
    3. the old software version is replaced by the new version
    4. the 4D server is restarted
  4. You may now log in again and use the newest version.

In single-user systems, the update is faster. There is no 4D server and the update only needs to replace the software app. Do not interrupt the process. 

Possible Errors During Update Procedure

  1. Download errors: The update will be downloaded automatically from the ftp server. Your firewall must be set up to allow download through ftp protocol. Some firewalls will also check the downloaded zip file for viruses. The download package is almost 1GB, so make sure that the check does not timeout. The majority of errors that occurred during download could be resolved with proper firewall settings. Ask you network supporter for assistance.
  2. Replacement errors: The old software version will only be replaced if it is called "timeSensor Server" (multi-user system) or "timeSensor" (single user system). Please do not rename the application.