A8. How Can I Select Services for Preliminary Cost Statements (Invoice Proposal)?

From time to time, you may want to print a preliminary statement of your services in a case. You can use the printer button in the case list (area "Finances") to do just that. If you only want to print a selected number of services, temporarily hide some services:

  • Open the case to see all services. Select the services that you do not want to show up on your preliminary statement of costs. At the bottom right, click the action menu (gear wheel) and select "Hide selected services".
  • Go to your case list ("Finances", "Cases") and select the case. At the bottom right, click the printer symbol and choose "Invoice Proposal Details". Hidden services will not show up on the document.
  • To make hidden services reappear, just click the button labelled "Show" in the case's time sheet.