A31. How to Copy Paste With timeSensor LEGAL

The copy and paste feature is well-known in text processing. You may not know it, but you can also use copy and paste in timeSensor LEGAL, with a few restrictions.

"Copy" From Lists

Lists in timeSensor LEGAL have a very useful feature: Right-click on the list to reveal the menu "Copy". This feature allows you to copy the selected entries, as shown on the screen, to the clipboard.

You can use this feature, combined with the possibility to taylor lists to your requirements (watch our tutorial A2 in our basic training), easily copy the data you need and import into Excel.



Copy and Paste Service Entries

You can also copy and paste service entries within the time sheet, as well as between time sheet and dossiers, thanks to a special software feature. Hold down the Alt key while pasting the previously copied service entry and the service will automatically be transferred and adapted to the current case. This will also trigger a new calculation of prices according to the price list attached to the selected case.

Copy and Paste From Cells and Fields 

It is also possible to copy from database fields. Be careful when pasting data from database fields or tables, because text may not always be text.

If you copy sections from a homepage or an HTML coded email, you will also copy control characters and other damaging code into your timeSensor database. This means "Garbage In, Garbage Out": If you save control characters or damaging code into your timeSensor database, you may influence the software. Some hidden characters may for example interrupt printing, resulting in an incomplete template containing only data up to this hidden character. We do not recommend copying data from websites or HTML emails directly into database fields.