A27. How Can I Update the Date on an Unprinted Invoice?

Whenever you create an invoice with timeSensor LEGAL, it will first show up in your list of "unprinted invoices". Even invoices that timeSensor LEGAL is set up to create automatically will first show up as "unprinted invoices". If you do not print those invoices immediately but wait a few days before issuing them, it might be useful to update the invoice's date. You can do this directly in the invoice's record. Click on the small lock to unlock the invoice and use the action menu next to the date to enter the new date. Or just update the date directly in the list of "unprinted invoices". Select the invoices for which you want to change the date. Go to "Tools", "Modify selected", then choose "Set invoice date...". This is an easy way to modify the dates of as many invoices as you want.