D1. How Do I Set Up a Multi-User Edition of timeSensor®?


A timeSensor® LEGAL multi-user system consists of a macOS or Windows based server, with 4D database and installed timeSensor software, as well as a number of workstations that access the database server using a generic timeSensor client ("Rich Client").

The more workstations access the server, the stronger the server must be designed. In the download area you will find our white paper with the recommended server configurations, which depend on the size of the law firm.

For small law firms, Apple's Mac Mini may not be as fresh as a daisy, but it is particularly robust and economical. The use of this device greatly simplifies configuration and maintenance.


Download our setup guide below for detailed instructions on how to set up timeBox on a Mac server:

Setup Guide

Setup Guide


As far as Windows is concerned, we recommend using either Windows Server 2016, Windows 2012 or Windows 10 Pro 64-bit as the operating system. It is important to ensure that a separate administrator account is created for the database when operating timeSensor LEGAL under Windows. The account must be a "real" user account with administrator rights (not a system account), and the autostart must be performed with this account.

We generally recommend that Windows installations are carried out by timeSensor AG via remote access.