Build 2184 - Recommended

New 4D database version

This build delivers a maintenance update of the 4D database from version 16.3 to 16.4. The database update includes several bug fixes and improves stability and speed.


The timeSensor calendar also allows you to display deadlines. Previously, completed deadlines were also displayed. As of this build, for clarity's sake, only open deadlines are displayed.


When creating invoices, timeSensor LEGAL now automatically checks whether the charged hourly rates correspond to the mandate price list. If deviations occur, an appropriate warning is displayed. This avoids customer complaints resulting from incorrectly recorded or charged hourly rates.

Booking payments

A new button in the "Open invoices" list allows you to immediately book one or more invoices that are paid on the same day. Simply select the corresponding invoices and click on the "Quick settlement" button.

timeSensor LEGAL will display the sum of the selected invoices. Now you can enter the corresponding payment and settle all these invoices immediately.

And as always...

Various minor improvements and bug fixes.