B26. How Can I Manage Access Rights In timeSensor LEGAL?

To manage every user's access rights, go to "Settings" and open the window "Users". Administrator rights are required to manage access rights. In the user editor, add all users in the tab "User". Then, assign users to groups in the tab "Groups" and manage each group's access rights in the tab "Access".


Please follow these principles:

  • All members of the "Admin" group have unrestricted access to all parts of the program
  • Access rights are only granted to user groups, never to individual users
  • Each user can be a member of any number of groups
  • In case of conflicting access rights between groups, the following applies:
    • An explicitly defined access right will overrule an inherited access right
    • An explicitly defined "Access allowed" will overrule an explicitly defined "Access denied"
  • Any undefined access right will be automatically inherited from the parent group. In the following example, the entry "Master Sheet" will have the same access as the entry "Clients", which in turn has the same access as the entry "Contacts", which has the same access as "Doe & Sample". Access rights follow the path: Doe & Sample -> Contacts -> Clients -> Master Sheet


If you wish to restrict access to the tab "Accounts" in the client dossier, you will have to define access rights specifically. Click on "Specified access", then select the access privilege. If you restrict the access, members of the "Base Access" group will not see the tab "Accounts", unless they are also members of another group with full access to the tab "Accounts"


For every user, you can restrict access to certain parts of the program, as well as define specific access rights. If you click on the tab "Other", you will see a number of access rights which are not specifically tied to parts of the program. You may for example restrict access to confidential dossiers for members of the "Base Access" group:


If you define specific groups with precise access rights and assign users to groups, you will be able to create complex access rights profiles.