B13. How Can I Manage Numbering For Case Archiving?

timeSensor LEGAL can suggest archiving numbers for your files. You can tailor those numbers exactly to your need. You will need administrator rights to make the following changes.

Go to "Settings", "Parameters", "Finances", and click on the tab "Case Archiving". You will find the following options:


Number Ranges: If you have offices or archives in different locations, you can set up a number range for each of those locations. Each number range will have a number (to be selected in the menu), a prefix (which will be put in front of the number), and the actual number. You can choose any increment for the numbering.

Numbering:  Choose "Permanently increasing" if you want your archiving numbers to increase continuously, even after the end of the year. Choose "Flexible" if you want to start at one on January 1st. Finally, select a format the fits your needs. If you archive fewer than 1000 cases a year, 3 digits are enough.

Year of Archiving: You can choose to add the year of archiving at the end of the archiving number. You can add the year as two or four digits. Any character can act as a separator.

Closing text: Using a formula, you can add any additional text or characters at the end of your archiving number, such as the archiving date or initials of the archiving employee.

Hint: These parameters may vary according to your edition of timeSensor LEGAL.