Build 3262 - Maintenance

Update of the 4D database from version 18 to 18.1 LTS

The 4D database, which is the core of timeSensor LEGAL, is being continuously developed. The present build now uses version 18.1 of the database. In multi-user systems, the timeSensor Client is therefore updated when updating to this build. Thanks to various optimizations within the database, the size of the database can be reduced by up to 50% and the working speed can be increased. If you would like to benefit from this, we advise you to reorganize your database.

Over time, databases develop "gaps" (a so-called fragmentation) due to deleted records. This fragmentation has a negative effect on search speed, stability and space consumption. In addition, defective indexes can develop over time due to external disturbances. We therefore recommend having your database reorganized once a year. This service increases the performance and stability of your database. If you have a server maintenance contract, this work is free of charge.


Imputation of retainer invoices

The imputation of advance or partial invoices to invoices is now handled by the accounting system. In the case of an imputation, the imputed amount is first cancelled in accounting, as is any existing value-added tax. The liabilities account defined in your chart of accounts is used for this (e.g. 2020 advances from customers or 2440 transitory items). The cancellation is carried out by posting the gross amount in the debit of the revenue account and in the credit of the liability account. After the cancellation transaction, the credited amount is therefore available on the liability account.

Subsequently, the gross amount on the liabilities account is used to balance the invoice.

This detour via the accounting appears more complicated at first glance, but allows complex cases to be depicted:

  • Various revenue accounts may have been posted in the retainer invoice - these are all correctly posted back again.
  • Different tax rates may have been used in the retainer invoice - these are also posted back again at the original rate and, if necessary, are posted again at a new tax rate in the new invoice (if the VAT rate changes)
  • Quota calculations and the module rule-based income distribution are no longer mutually exclusive

These improvements apply to the tax system known as "remuneration collected" (ACTUAL taxation), which is used by most law firms.

Visual refreshments

The user interface of computer programs needs updating from time to time. We have therefore made some discreet refreshes, as we naturally want to keep up with the times visually as well.



Bug Fixes

About 30 bug fixes and minor improvements complete this maintenance update.



Build 3211 - Recommended

Welcome to the timeSensor LEGAL Version 9.0

The development of the operating systems (Windows, macOS) and the 4D database sets the pace for the development of timeSensor LEGAL. After macOS Catalina has kept us busy in the last few months, we have now also completed the change from timeSensor LEGAL to the 4D database 18 LTS. This is the newest version of the 4D database and it brings many new features for the development and a better performance.

For this reason, we at timeSensor LEGAL are now making another version jump from 8.0 to 9.0. Before you install the update, please make sure that your server and workstations meet the system requirements. If necessary, arrange the update of the operating systems with your IT partner.

New "Quick Drop" zone in the Timesheet

The highlight of this update is a new "Quick Drop" zone in the Timesheet. This new feature makes it easier to quickly archive documents or emails into any case. The Quick Drop Zone in Timesheet complements the existing archiving options, such as drag & drop directly into the mandate folder, setting up an email interface or using a drop folder.

And this is how the archiving of documents and e-mails works via the new "Quick Drop" zone:

  1. Select the desired case, either by double-clicking on a case in the Timesheet or by selecting the desired case in the menu below "Current Case".
  2. If you use an archive tab in the selected case, select the desired archive tab.
  3. Drag one or more documents with the mouse to the "Quick Drop" zone, or drag one or more e-mails from Outlook or Apple Mail to the "Quick Drop" zone.

Note: if the timesheet is in the background, give the window some time to come to the foreground during the drop. The timesheet window must have the "focus", otherwise your drop will run into nothing.

After successful dropping, a green check mark is displayed for two seconds and the drop counter is increased by the number of processed documents. In the following example two documents were archived.

If you want to make sure that your documents have been archived correctly, or if you want to add an action, e.g. a reminder, to the archived documents, click once on the drop zone. This causes the case folder of the displayed case to open.

Improvement for 4D Write Pro

The Font Menu of 4D Write Pro now shows the fonts last used in the document, as well as the font styles of each font family as a submenu.



Improvement in drafts

In the drafts, documents can be exported via the action menu with the command "Save selection to desktop". The following options are available here by pressing additional keys:

  • No additional key: saves 4D Write Pro documents in their native format as .4wp files
  • Alt/Option: saves 4D Write Pro documents as .docx files
  • Shift: asks for the destination for the export


Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and small improvements complete this maintenance update.