Introducing timeSensor® LEGAL v5.5

Build History 0800

Build 00874
20150321 Demo Version now also shows the "All Contacts" button 20150321 When adding a new case, a new auxiliary menu item shows the names of existing cases for easy access
20150321 Case Reference formatting now definable in parameters (00|14, 000|14, 0000|14, etc.)

Build 00869
20150315 Solved existing problem of entering invoice payments for accounts hold in foreign currencies.
20150315 Showing more adequat 'read-only' icon in the ledgers in case a transaction is not modifiable Build 00868 20150311 Fixed dossier bug, where user is editing a service lines and clicks the (+) button and then modifies subclient with action menu

Build 00867
20150311 tSL did not always ask user wether existing case settings should be applied to new project. Now fixed.
20150311 Added Check for Duplicates when adding Employees
20150311 Fixed Deleted addresses still showing as related contacts

Build 00865
20150307 Revised Claim Account Calculation to match printed output with screen output
20150307 Search for related cases of a contact now also finds records from other entities, provided that parameters allow it

Build 00864
20150305 Moved location of our TEMP folder to System temporary folder because of 4D Backup Problems

Build 00862
20150302 Finalized new "First Edition" for big law offices

Build 00861
20150301 Generated spooler ticket after declining an email that exceeds the size, now contains both the sender and the receivers email address

Build 00860
20150228 Implemented a fix for 'RVG §34 Abs. 1' so that RVG invoices don't print the paragraphe twice

Build 00859
20150227 Two bug fixes related to the interest calculation in the Claim Account
20150228 Fixed a small bug in choice list popups. Code would break with empty lines.

Build 00858
20150226 Turned off the on the fly spell checking attribute of the 4D Write area in the RVG dialog
20150226 Turned last listbox col. on page 1 of projects properties page to invisible to avoid unwanded scrolling
20150226 Inserted an extra save before handling click on the 'x' in the header of dossier page 7
20150226 Implemented drag & drop for PDFs and other files in the template editor

Build 00854
20150220 Improved email import from drop folder (sender, date, time) are now automatically taken in account
20150220 Double clicking an eml or msg file in the archives does no longer nag the user by alerting the doc. could not be changed
Build 00853 20150218 Improved email drag&drop -> metadata (sender, date, time) are now automatically considered
20150218 Safety confirm in cases output form for the 'create invoices' button

Build 00852
20150217 Percentual Deviations (e.g. for costs) are now also calculated for partial invoices
20150217 Service Lines that have been invoiced on a partial invoice are now 'remembered' and shown with a green tick

Build 00851
20150217 Implemented code to handle Drag and Drop directly from e-mail clients on Macintosh

Build 00843
20150215 New INV_INSERT ("client") expression -> returns label of client related to an address (as opposed to 'principal')
20150215 New INV_INSERT ("days") expression -> returns the number of days since the invoice has been sent
20150215 New INV_INSERT ("account_data_xxxx") expression -> returns the transactions related to the account with ID xxxx
20150215 If several payers defined for a case, then by default the invoice will be directed to the first payer found. With the Alt/
option key, the old behavior may be forced: invoice is directed to the client and a payment plan for the 3 payers will be created

Build 00842
20150211 Added Printing to the Timesheet

Build 00841
20150207 Added the possibility of moving the ESR objects on the form horizontally in order to be independant of page setup (Switzerland).

Build 00837
20150128 Case Preferences Window on Windows does no longer open as a sheet window

Build 00835
20150123 Removed cleaning of TEMP folder in Backup Startup method, because this led to a crash of 4D Server before the backup
20150123 Fixed a bug where the INV_INSERT("hours";...) expression would not hide the hidden service lines
20150123 Fixed a bug that would allow users to adjust times or rates of services that had already been billed.

Build 00833
20150122 The expression INV_INSERT("lines_nogroup_@") now also works for cases and not only for invoices

Build 00832
20150121 Added INV_INSERT ("period_all"), ("period_from_all"), ("period_to_all") to retrieve both uninvoiced and invoiced (but not hidden) data
20150121 Increased field length of address fields in [ADR_ADDRESSES] to 79 chars.
20150121 Improved Profit Distribution Feature to take debtor losses into account

Build 00831
20150121 Added INV_INSERT("hours_all") to retrieve both uninvoiced and invoiced (but not hidden) data

Build 00830
20150120 Now cleaning up TEMP folder in Backup Startup method
20150120 Added expression 'lines_all_nogroup_@' to INV_INSERT

Build 00829
20150116 Fixed cross platform viewing of Archived Documents and Attachment file name issues
20150116 Made PathToSTUFF based upon 4D Version Number for Server. Data files and Our STUFF folder cannont be in the package
20150116 Fixed cross platform viewing of Archived Documents and Attachment file name issues

Build 00828
20150114 G.M.A. PlugIn removed and exchanged with 4D Code

Build 00827
20150114 Limited picture size for vCard export to 100 kB for speed reasons

Build 00819
20141229 Removed first element 'Name or ID' from cases list and 'find cases' dialog to simplify the use of the system
20141229 Case Preferences Dialog now opens in a sheet window by default in order to avoid 'behind window' icon
20141229 Unified Draft and Archives Search PopUp Menu and included Global Search Window

Build 00818
20141227 Templates now 'remember' if the 'on the fly spell checking option' is turned on
20141227 Invoice time display (decimal or HH:MM) now selectable as a GUI parameter
20141227 eMail message size limitation (default 10 MB) now selectable as a GUI parameter

Build 00817
20141226 Spell Checking completely revised. It is now possible to use Hunspell dictionaries.

Build 00816
20141224 Completed the WinJur Migration tool

Build 00813
20141213 Added Search Mode 'AND' and 'OR' to Google Search Window

Build 00812
20141211 Improved profit distribution feature (adding gui translations and access privileges)
20141211 Modified Timesheet in order not to delete immediately a line, but to show the line in red color, as long as it is incomplete
20141211 Modified Timesheet Resources, so that Case Name Columns resizes as much as the text colum
20141211 Added 'show archived cases' checkbox to the find cases dialog
20141211 Made sure that the list appears in sorted order and the cursor blinks in the search field as soon as the window is opened

Build 00811
20141208 Finished first release of the new profit distribution feature for bigger law offices

Build History 0900

Build 00973
20150926 On MacOSX we now automatically detect the installed default email client (Mail or Outlook) and use the corresponding Apple Script
20150926 Added filter in AddPayment dialog to allow the entry of amounts with fractions

Build 00972
20150924 Services are now ordered by date before transfering to a consolidate case
20150924 Added INV_INSERT("legal_doc1") and INV_INSERT("legal_doc2") to return the payor's tax information

Build 00971
20150922 Implemented Apple Script for Outlook:Mac to be able to send emails with attachments
20150922 AddPayment Dialog date column better handling of empty or incomplete dates

Build 00969
20150911 General Review of Claim Account feature
20150913 Added security confirm for deleting a ledger line (unless power user)
20150913 When invoicing a case, the 'hidden' lines will no longer be invoiced
20150916 Fixed a multi-user bug, where it was possible to one user invoice a Timesheet service line, whilst the other user could modify and overwrite the changes.

Build 00967
20150909 StopWatch is now saved every 4-5 minutes, for security reasons

Build 00966
20150902 Improved import of claim account transactions from DATEV
20150901 Implemented new 'catalog' menu in the claim account transaction input form (based on the CLAIM_TYPE field) - used in Germany only

Build 00964
20150827 Added code to avoid duplicate related contacts in the case folder
20150827 Implemented duplicate checking for fast employee add dialog

Build 00963
20150824 Fixed a bug in Topix Export
20150824 Accounting Export is now sorted according to the order in the ledger

Build 00962
20150824 Improved export dialog of accounting transactions to allow exporting any period of time, plus many more features
20150824 Accounting may now be closed any date and not only per month
20150824 Improved Spooler performance

Build 00956
20150816 Added 3 new fields for related insurances in the cases input form.

Build 00954
20150813 Added optional filtering of services by date when transfering services from subordinate cases to billing case.
20150813 Improved migration from DATEV Pro to timeSensor LEGAL
20150813 Added possibility to manually add an invoice sequence number to the pool

Build 00953
20150812 Added contextual click to projects listbox on cases page of the Dossier. This allows to indent the current and subsequent cases

Build 00952
20150813 Added email processing mode - a dedicated client running as email processing task

Build 00951
20150811 Adding a new interest rate to the interest rates table would sometimes show an error. This has been fixed.
20150811 Avoid the dossier window to be opened in case of a deleted contact or insufficient access privileges.
20150812 Added contextual click to projects listbox on cases page of the Dossier. This allows to indent the current and subsequent cases.
20150812 Added ability to filter services by date as we transfer services from subcases to an invoicing case.

Build 00950
20150810 Improved new email download and processing system.
20150810 Fixed file extensions bug in Cloud Drive Manager.
20150810 When adding a new case, the same would sometimes not show up immediately in the ‚Find Cases’ window. This has been fixed.
20150810 Fixed a bug introduced with new speedier cache updates.

Build 00949
20150808 Updated document handling. Resource forks are no longer supported.
20150808 Fixed a bug in Topal/Sage 50 export.

Build 00948
20150807 Build system to update several caches on all client machines, whenever a client modifies the cache data.
20150803 Spotlight now only executes a query if search string has more than >3 characters.
20150803 Spotlight now queries with 'starts with' instead of 'contains' (‚contains‘ was too slow).
20150803 Added possibility to enforce round to 6 minutes.
20150803 Fixed a bug that would show logoff button disabled after entering new contact.

Build 00947
20150801 Fixed several bugs related to accessing data (contact records and documents) from confidential contacts or other entities.
20150803 Changed automatic user timeout: no more timeouts during office time.
20150803 Transfer services from subordinate cases: the 'insert title' feature now inserts also the 'description' field as 2nd line.

Build 00946
20150801 Improved data migration from DATEV Pro to timeSensor LEGAL

Build 00945
20150730 Created new Incoming E-Mail processing system to better islolate e-mails that will crash the system
20150728 More revision to transfering case from one [ADR_RELATIONS] to another, to update Case popups and Drop Folders

Build 00942
20150722 StopWatch Rounding may now be set to 6 minutes
20150723 Now filtering char(13) from deadlines/appointment description field, as such chars would break the iCal export
20150724 CASE_INSERT is not compatible with QuickReport. Therefore created a method CASE_INSERT_QR
20150725 For the "First Edition", users may now define archive number ranges for the archiving of cases in different locations.
20150725 It is now possible to grant access to the user manager, even if a user is not an administrator, by setting the 'Special' access right to "All"
20150725 Implemented Drag & Drop of cases from one dossier to another, provided the case does not have invoices or accounting transactions

Build 00940
20150718 Double clicking an address record from within an archived case folder now automatically displays archived cases in dossier
20150718 As the user opens the Dossier window with a pre-selected case, the case listbox now scroll directly to the selected case
20150718 Fixed a bug in legal:office migration method, that would not properly calculate the destruction date of archived cases
20150718 Modified the 'destroy archive' dialog to show 'archived' date instead of 'created date'

Build 00939
20150717 Allows the user to enter a case in the Timesheet by selecting it in the 'Find Case' dialog or by dragging it to the Timesheet
20150717 Allows the user to enter a case in the Timesheet by entering the case reference in the case column
20150717 Allows the user to start the 'Find Case' dialog by Alt+Click onto the menu in the bottom of the Timesheet
20150716 Fixed a bug where the draft viewer window (4D Write) would not properly display side bar, if comment present.
20150716 Revised Topix export method to send the header for each transaction and not only once

Build 00938
20150715 Fixed Inboud mail Input form Splitter problems when viewing in HTML mode, showing/hiding splitter with splitter resizing
20150715 Replaced Documents Checked out by SubClinetID to UserID
20150715 Added Drag and Drop projects from one Address to another (special limits apply no transactions)

Build 00937
20150714 Removed loading application icon on Windows that was then placed in the windows menu bar
20150714 Removed loading background image on Windows from the startup method
20150714 Revised path to local STUFF folder for Citrix users to make unique paths for the local stuff folder instead of all users using the same local STUFF folder

Build 00935
20150713 Show current century for two digit years, as long as the two digits is , >, <, <
20150325 When adding attachments to emails directly out of timeSensor, the extension of such files would double. Fixed.


Build History 1000

Build 01015
20151024 Major overhaul to comply with upcoming 4D v15 database